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Upgrade of Readout firmware


Data Format

  • Data are now output per TDC channel
  • The Trigger TDC is allways channel 0
  • The mapping between TDC and PETIROC is direct:
    • Channel 1 of TDC $ \rightarrow $ Channel 0 of PETIROC
    • ..
    • Channel 24 of TDC $ \rightarrow $ Channel 23 of PETIROC
    • It allows to extend easily the number of channels and will only force to resolder adapter boards
  • The default clock is now 40 MHz so counts of BXID and Absolute BXID are in 25 ns. The absolute BXID is only reset at the first acquisition after Power On.

The output of a FEB now consists of:

  • A Header packet :
Tag Absolute BXID GTC 64 or 128 channels lengths
2 bytes (BEBE) 6 bytes (81 days) 4 bytes 64 or 128 bytes , # channels per TDC

It's a fixed length packet of 76 or 140 bytes. Then each NON EMPTY TDC is sending one packet

  • TDC packet
Header Channel number Number of Measurements payload
2bytes B0B0 1 byte ncx 1bytes ncx $\times$ channel info
  • BXID 3 bytes (40 MHz clock since Start Of Acquisition front)
  • Coarse 1 byte (400 MHz count in the BXID)
  • fine 1 byte (fine TDC value 2.5 ns/256)

Finite State Machine

Top Level


ILC Mode

Trigger Mode

On trigger the state machine is only modified before calling the readout FSM:


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