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Quick analysis - Instruction

Important - You are doing this plots for check beam. Don't take results for any reports without discussing with Maxim or Konstantin, please.

All code is available on GitHub: (LyPeti - class).

Card - TBGIF_FAST.csv - You can change it - be careful.

How to run analysis

Normal way:

sudo chmod 777 *
cd /home/shchablo/dataQuest/bin
Правый верхний теримал просто нажать вверх. –wDT=-600 –wDT=-500 : параметры для эффективности cd ../results/quick/RT_*_*.root
TBrowser *b = new TBrowser();

  • 739000_*/profiles/HR(LR)_deltaTime_trig
  • 739000_*/profiles/HR(LR)_deltaTime_trig_window


Where is results:

cd /home/shchablo/dataQuest/results/DT_739000.root

I want to do an analysis with default parameters and run number: 739000:

.dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv --runs=739000

I want to do an analysis with default parameters and run number (739000), but change a length of efficiency window:

.dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv --runs=739534 --wDT_beg=-300 --wDT_end=-150

I want to do an analysis with default parameters and run number (739000), but change a length of noise window:

.dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv --runs=739534 --wN_beg=-1000 --wN_end=1000

How does it work?:

1) cd /bin - open bin directory.

2) sudo ../scripts/testBeamGIF_042018.sh (update card from google table (if you changed parameters in the google table))

3) .dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv (start the analysis with parameters from google table)
3.1) .dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv --runs=739534 (change number of run for analysis: 739534)
3.2) .dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv --runs=739534\|\739536 (change numbers of runs for analysis: 739534, 739536)
3.3) .dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv --runs=739534\>\739537 (change numbers of runs for analysis: 739534, 739535, 739536, 739537)

4) cd /results/TestBeam.root (open file with profiles)

Remark: Inputs parameters could be a change like: --runs=739534 --HVeff=7240 --wDT_beg=-350

I did analysis two times. How could I find the last result for my run?

The second number should be largest: 739000_3733762584 and 739000_3733762700.

TestBeam.root file does not open - something wrong and I didn't touch anything!

cd ../results/TestBeam.root
cp TestBeam.root TestBeam_can_not_open.root
rm TestBeam.root
and try again!

It doesn't work!

  • Check card on google table
  • cd bin
  • sudo../scripts/testBeamGIF_042018.sh
  • .dq --type=card ../cards/testBeam/TBGIF_FAST.csv

It doesn't work still. You are best - you found a bug. You are not alone. Call Konstantin: 0769643416 - Rendezvous with tea/milk and cookies.



runs - Runs numbers for analysis;
HVeff, HVapp - value position in the array should correspond the same position for runs array.
example: --runs=739900\|\739901 --HVapp=7000\|\7100 --HVapp=7254\|\7352

wDT_beg - the begin of efficiency window;
wDT_end - the end of efficiency window.

wN_beg - the begin of noise window;
wN_end - the end of noise window.



Sigmoide fitter

The fitter is a root script

It runs over a simple txt file like

Efficiency at ATT = 49 and THR = 507
6000 0.001 0.001 740206
6500 0.0068 0.0012 740207
6700 0.067 0.002 740208
6900 0.52 0.0058 740209
7000 0.72 0.0061 740210
7100 0.81 0.0065 740211
7200 0.83 0.0012 740212

The first line of the script would be the plot title and the txt file name the figure name in png and pdf produced in the same directory.

You run the code with

root -l scripts/SigmoideFitter.C'(“Efficiency_ATT49”)'


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