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DAQ Operations

Restarting DAQ

BEFORE STARTING RUNS LOG ON lyosdhcal8 as acqilc user and follow those instructions

  • daqcontrol –jc-status : should show you DAQ process running
  • If no process or DEAD process use: source prepare_running

In case of problem send a mail to laurent.mirabito at gmail.com

To restart from scratch:

  • daqcontrol –jc-kill
  • daqcontrol –jc-destroy
  • daqcontrol –jc-create
  • source prepare_running

State of the DAQ can be access with

  • daqcontrol –daq-state

It should be CONFIGURED when the run is stopped and RUNNING when started.

High source operations

At high source reduce 200 000 000 → 40 000 000 to avoid PC to saturate.

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